FREESTYLE!!! Oh yes it's coming to WDA!

Here we go! Its FREESTYLE time...have you ever had your earphones in whilst riding and thought "wow...that would be super to ride to"..the WDA President loves Coldplay "Paradise" for the canter work and we are sure you have lots of great tunes that work perfectly with your horse or pony!! 

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE - WDA is very excited to see your musical talents in a Freestyle special event at our fun and friendly competition on Dec 12th. 

We have opened up Freestyle Preliminary (specially created by our awesome Club Secretary, Jacki), Novice & Elementary classes and we cannot wait to see your dancing sparkle to celebrate an exciting end to a challenging 2021. 

Now is the time to let your hair (and mane) down and just GO FOR IT. 

Entries close Nov 28th so work out that soundtrack and lets Walk to Wham!, Trot to Meghan Trainor and Canter to Coldplay (see what we did there?!) 

See you on the 12th...and between now and then, Happy Riding. xoxo

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