Our Membership runs from January 1st to December 31st each year.

Membership for 2023 is available here via

Membership entitles you to participate in our Pointscore competition for ‘Horse of the Year’ (HOTY). Prizes are awarded at year end across all levels for both seniors and juniors.


In addition to our Horse of The Year awards, when appropriate, we award additional trophies including Jayholm Charglo Schoolmaster Award, Preparatory Encourager and the Kiabe Sylvan Junior Pony Partnership award.

Please see below for HOTY rules.  There is a requirement  to volunteer for 4hrs over the year to be eligible for HOTY and any Annual Awards.  

Juniors are more than welcome at the club and are awarded seperately in each unofficial class. The same rules apply for HOTY eligibility.

2022 membership rates are:                                                

SENIOR Single (18+ at 1 Jan 22) $40
JUNIOR Single  (U18 at 01 Jan 22)     $30
Family (max 4 riders) $60


2023 HOTY Rules

2023 Waiver

Participant / Official test requirements

To compete in Participant tests a rider must be either a current financial member of WDA or a member of Equestrian Australia (EA). To compete in Official tests the rider (and owner) must a be current financial member of EA and the horse or pony must be registered with EA and have a current Performance card.

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